Early therapeutic uses of light and colour – extract from Colour Healing Manual


Taken from Pauline Wills’ Colour Healing Manual, in this extract the author discusses how colour, light and healing have traditionally been linked across a range of ancient civilizations – and what these can mean for today’s uses of colour therapy.

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Pauline Wills is a qualified yoga instructor, reflexologist and colour practitioner and pioneered the integration of colour with reflexology. Her first introduction to the healing power of colour was through yoga and then through the Maitreya School of Colour Healing. She is the co-founder of The Oracle School of Colour in London, where she teaches and practises colour therapy and reflexology. She has written numerous books on complementary therapies.

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  1. Bipin November 11, 2013 / 5:23 pm

    Loved taking the photographs for the book. Whilst working with Pauline Wills on the photography for the book it becomes apparent Pauline is an expert colour therapy practitioner – very knowledgable and someone with vast experience in the colour therapy field.

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