A Q&A with Dr Olivia Pojer

In this Q&A blog, author and academic, Dr Olivia explains talks about the process of writing her book and why she chose to write on the topic of male infertility.

How did you begin your journey in the field of Chinese Medicine?

I got introduced to CM at Med school. They offered a lecture series on acupuncture and I instantly fell in love with Chinese Medicine. So during Med school, I started taking acupuncture classes and after I graduated I received my acupuncture diploma too. While working in the hospital I quickly realized that I wanted to have another ace under my sleeve concerning treatment options and so I started to study Chinese herbal Medicine. With that diploma in my pocket,  I founded my own TCM clinic.

Why did you choose to write specifically on this topic?

That´s an easy question because that is the topic my heart beats for. I call it my ‘mission’, to create awareness of the underestimated problem of male infertility and offer treatment options. It is so important to start training the trainer, which means educating fertility acupuncturists and CM practitioners, as well as western fertility doctors and andrologists on what can be done to boost sperm quality and where the problem with the sperm might come from. So to me that integrative aspect is essential and I thought it was time to write a book on it, as a dual approach-conventional and integrative medicine book hasn’t been written before. Fortunately, I am an MD and a Chinese Medical doctor, so I do wear both hats and wanted to connect the best of both worlds.

What was the writing process like for you?

A tough and long road. It took me almost a year of reading and carrying together material for the book, the writing process itself is something I like the most. But with the finished manuscript the work isn´t done at all. There is also the editing, asking for permission to use figures, pictures and studies that takes a lot of time (and nerves if I’m being honest)!

What do you hope to achieve with this book? / How can this book help practitioners?

It is necessary for a CM practitioner to gain knowledge of the Western medicine physiology and pathology of the male reproductive tract, as well as it is for a Western Medical fertility doctor or andrologist to be given an idea of `add-on therapies´ to conventional fertility strategies. For the sake of our patients. So, I really wanted to bring these two groups of brilliant therapists together, helping each to understand the Eastern and the Western approach.

What other resources can people use if they are looking for more information?

There are several online educational resources available on various educational platforms, in addition, there are chapters on male fertility in great fertility books and a few good articles in various CM journals.

Where can people get in contact with you?

People can contact me via my clinic email address: pojer@femmefertile.at , follow me on Facebook or Instagram and stay in touch with me for news on the field of male infertility treatment.

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