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During these troubling times, our mental health remains just as key as our physical well-being. Therefore, Singing Dragon is pleased to share the full contents of the latest book by Richy K. Chandler: What the Hell Just Happened?! Comfort and Wisdom for When Your World Falls Apart.

This inspirational book helps readers overcome troubling times in their lives through vivid illustrations and positive affirmations. The book shows how you can face your past and embrace your future, and provides thoughtful tips to remind you of what you can be at your emotionally strongest and smartest.

Written by successful graphic novelist Richy K. Chandler, this book will help you face life head-on and appreciate all that is good in your life.

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What the Hell Just Happened?!
Comfort and Wisdom for When Your World Falls Apart

Richy K. Chandler, illustrated by Richy K. Chandler

Is something that happened to you weighing you down? If so, this picture book for adults is the pick-me-up you need. With Richy K. Chandler’s artistic flair, warmth and humour, it shows how to face the past and embrace the future, providing pragmatic advice about how to get back on your feet.

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