Thank you for attending our Virtual Yoga Summit!

The team at Singing Dragon would like to thank everyone who signed up, read, watched, listened or interacted with our first ever Virtual Yoga Summit. We believe that yoga really is for every body and we hope we managed to embrace that in this summit, putting a strong focus on accessibility, body positivity, empowerment and on yoga’s ‘whole person’ approach.

We have partnered with some incredible organisations and yoga studios for this event and we would like to thank them for their support. A big thank you to the Minded Institute, Yogacampus, The Life Centre, the British Council for Yoga Therapy, Network Yoga Therapy, Yoga at School, the IAYT and the Prison Phoenix Trust for supporting our initiative.

Please do visit our website at to find out more about our publishing. We publish a wide range of books on acupuncture and Chinese medicine, yoga and bodywork, aromatherapy, nutrition, Daoism, fertility and birth and also general health and wellbeing. These range from practical manuals, reference books and textbooks to colouring books, workbooks, graphic medicine comics, card sets and books for children.

We are always interested in new ideas for Singing Dragon, and immensely excited by new developments in the fields we are focusing on. If you have an idea for a book you might like to publish with us, we would love to hear from you to discuss your ideas.

Thank you for your support,


Claire Wilson – Senior Commissioning Editor

Sarah Hamlin – Commissioning Editor

Vera Sugar, Marketing Executive (UK)

Katelynn Bartleson, Marketing Manager (US)


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