Meet The Singing Dragon Author: Lydia Bosson

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Lydia Bosson, author of Hydrosol Therapy

How did you become interested in aromatherapy?
I discovered aromatherapy about thirty years ago. A friend had given me an essential oil of lavender and one of neroli. As the effect of these two essences impressed me so much, I decided to deepen this knowledge. Subsequently, I tried many essential oils and hydrosols on myself and those around me. The rest is history – and fortunately, the collective spirit has opened up to alternative medicine in recent years.

What inspired you to write the book?
The motivation to write books comes mainly from those in the industry and from working with many therapists who collaborate with our Swiss holistic college, Usha Veda. What inspires me most are the practical experiences on the ground. From my point of view, experience is one of the most important aspects in aromatherapy. When we encounter cures with a specific remedy again and again, we must take this information into consideration and share it with others. I am passionate about creating bridges – be it between scientific breakthrough and practical experience, between theory and practice, between ancestral knowledge and contemporary discoveries, or between a Western approach and oriental wisdom.

What did you enjoy about writing the book?
Writing is a magical exercise. Often I have a precise idea of what I want to write, and sometimes I formulate sentences and words that come from beyond the intellect. Sometimes it is a meditative activity, sometimes intellectual, sometimes playful and creative… I love to write, and I want to continue, because writing also forces you to deepen knowledge, to go beyond appearances and perceptions.

Who would you recommend the book to?
Everybody! Indeed, it may be recommended to therapists wanting to expand their range of tools; mothers who want tips to take care of their children safely and naturally; all those passionate about herbal medicine; doctors, nurses… If health and love of nature are part of your values, you will certainly enjoy Hydrosol Therapy.

Hydrosol Therapy
A Handbook for Aromatherapists and Other Practitioners

By Lydia Bosson

The complete guide to working with hydrosols covering both theory and practical application. The book includes detailed descriptions, testimonials, and recipes for all kind of disorders. It provides professionals with clear instructions on how to introduce hydrosols in a therapeutic setting, as well as how to use them in everyday life.

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