Essentials of Cranio-Sacral Integration (and case studies)

In this blog post by Thomas Attlee, author of Face to Face with the Face, Attlee explains the ‘Essentials of Cranio-Sacral Integration’, providing an overview of the key points, and providing three case studies: Tooth, Jaw and TMJ Pain; Hearing Loss and  Trigeminal Neuralgia. 


In 2013 Professor Peter Higgs received the Nobel prize for a concept he first proposed in 1964 and for which the experimental proof was finally provided at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland in 2012. Professor Higgs postulated that there is an invisible field pervading the whole universe.

Within quantum physics it has now been established that there is a universal field, a unifying matrix within which everything exists and interacts – every galaxy, star, planet, solid object, living being, molecule, atom, subatomic particle – a field from which particles take their mass.

In the quantum model of cranio-sacral integration, we also perceive a universal field or matrix, within which life on earth has come into being, and each one of us exists as an individual matrix within this wider matrix. We are formed embryologically, developed, maintained and sustained by the biodynamic forces within that field, and every cell, atom, and subatomic particle within our body is an integral part of that wider field.


  • 9.1 - Matrix EIn order to understand cranio-sacral integration, we need to think on a quantum level. The body is not just skin and bones, muscles and fluids. All of these structures are composed of cells, of molecules, of atoms, of subatomic particles, in constant motion and interaction.
  • The body is a coherent living matrix, an integrated cohesive mass of particles and waves bound together by nuclear forces, existing within the wider matrix of the universal field around us and the biodynamic forces within that fluidic field.
  • These forces of nature determine the natural process of growth, development, health, healing, balance and integration, from embryonic development and throughout life, providing the body with an inherent ability to heal itself.
  • These forces are expressed within the body as rhythmic motion.
  • By engaging with these forces we can enhance their potential for healing and integration.
  • In order to engage with these subtle forces and rhythms, we need to establish our own profoundly therapeutic practitioner presence – a calm quiet meditative presence, simply being there in stillness.
  • In order to enable the patient’s optimum responsiveness, it is helpful to establish a settled, grounded and receptive state in the patient.
  • Through establishing appropriate levels of light contact, spacious attention, and profound tissue awareness, we can engage with the subtle quantum levels of being which constitute the matrix.
  • This can be experienced as a fluidic field surrounding and incorporating the body.
  • Within this field, subtle impressions of quality, symmetry, and motion will become apparent.
  • Disturbance to health will manifest as variations in quality, symmetry and motion, thereby revealing the source of any dysfunction.
  • The therapeutic process is guided by the inherent forces within the matrix – the inherent treatment process – the body’s natural tendency to heal itself.
  • This process can be enhanced by the practitioner’s therapeutic presence and informed awareness.
  • By settling into profound stillness, we can connect with deeper levels of consciousness.
  • Through this profound stillness we can engage with the most profound levels of being.
  • This can lead us to the deepest levels of healing.


Case Study 1: Caroline, Tooth, jaw and TMJ pain

Case Study 2: Catriona, Hearing Loss

Case Study 3: Milosz, Trigeminal Neuralgia



Thomas Attlee’s new book Face to Face with the Face explains how Cranio-Sacral Integration can help a wide range of persistent and painful conditions involving the face and the cranial nerves – from trigeminal neuralgia, sinusitis, hearing loss and TMJ syndrome to autism, chronic fatigue and polyvagal disturbance – through a deeper understanding of quantum levels of health and the biodynamic forces which underlie the body’s inherent healing potential. 

Thomas Attlee is founder and principal of the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, London, the first and most established college of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Europe, now in its 31st year.  He is the author of Cranio-Sacral Integration – Foundation and the newly published Face to Face with the Face.


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