VIDEO: Why Western medicine needs Chinese medicine

In this Q&A session Dr Daniel Keown, author of The Spark in the Machine, explains why Western medicine can no longer afford to ignore what Chinese medicine has to offer patients.

Dr Keown’s book presents a radical new integrative model for looking at the human body which shows how everything Chinese medicine says about anatomy, including meridians, acupoints, and Qi, is backed up by Western embryology. The Spark in the Machine is available from the Singing Dragon website.

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  1. BetsyAnn Baron June 24, 2014 / 11:57 pm

    Hello Dr. Keown,

    As I began to read your book I immediately wanted to write to you, but thought I would read on. Now up to page 20, here I am!

    Are you aware of the International Fascia Research Congress? The 4th one is being held in Washington DC in September 2015. It would be wonderful to hear you speak in that milieu! Not that I have any clout! I’m only a massage therapist in Canada and specialize in working with and in the myofascial system, ie Structural Integration.

    That said, I’ve attended the first 3 Congresses and they are fascinating springboards……just a thought…

    Dr. Helene Langevin and her team have the main acupuncture research voice.

    Back to page 20 and the Spark of Life!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this book!
    Kind regards,
    BetsyAnn Baron

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