VIDEO: Reading from The Valley Spirit: A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation

“A timeless tale of internal martial arts, wild medicine, healing and Daoist wisdom… the most interesting and thought-provoking book I have read for some years.”

 Alex Kozma, author of Esoteric Warriors and Warrior Guards the Mountain


Delve into Lindsey Wei’s personal story of Daoist cultivation with this reading from The Valley Spirit, interwoven with a visual documentary of the Five Immortal Temple, where the book takes place, and clips of the author herself training Ba Gua and Straight Sword.

The Valley Spirit with be available in early 2013 from Singing Dragon.

Lindsey Wei is a disciple of Li Shi Fu in a traditional Daoist lineage which stretches back thousands of years. She divides her time between living as a renounced practitioner in Wudang Mountain and teaching a select group of students in North America.

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