VIDEO: Noah Karrasch on how CORE Bodywork can help release bodymindcore trauma

In this video, Singing Dragon author Noah Karrasch shares some thoughts on his approach to bodywork and introduces readers to his book, Meet Your Body: CORE Bodywork and Rolfing Tools to Release Bodymindcore Trauma.

Many of us hold on to old fears, traumas and stresses and allow them to define and frame our lives. Based on the idea that the body is composed of twenty-one important hinges, Meet Your Body shows how we can ‘oil’ and free these hinges, stretching the body out so we can feel healthy and happy more of the time.

Noah Karrasch is a certified Rolfer and licensed massage therapist, and holds a teaching degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He teaches core bodywork skills throughout the midwest and also works with the Wren Clinic in East London, UK. Noah lives and works in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

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  1. Jacqueline January 25, 2013 / 1:14 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed this short video, and will certainly be purchasing your book as everything makes sense on what you said on how we hold onto the negative flow not allowing the positive flow to do its job. I also enjoyed the explanation on the hinges of the body and flexibility.


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