Singing Dragon author Lorraine Nicolle to speak at the Nutri Centre Bookshop, London

Free Talk at the Nutri Centre Bookshop!

Functional Medicine

A Nutritional Practitioner’s Approach

with Lorraine Nicolle, Nutritional Therapist

In recent years, the growing demand for a more integrative approach to healthcare has led to the increasing adoption of the functional medicine model.

Using examples from her recently published book Biochemical Imbalances in Disease, Lorraine Nicolle will give a brief introduction to the functional model by showing how a focus on the individual’s biochemical imbalances, rather than on his/her disease or symptoms, is of the utmost importance in improving the patient’s health.

With reference to users’ feedback, and to the case study in the book, there will be opportunities to discuss how the model is used in practice.

Lorraine Nicolle MSc is a nutrition practitioner with a regular clinic at a London-based natural health centre. Lorraine is also a lecturer in nutrition and nutritional therapy at Thames Valley University. In addition, she undertakes nutrition consultancy and training for various organisations in the healthcare, educational and business consultancy sectors.

You can watch live via the webcast at

Wednesday, 24th November
7.00-8.30 PM
The Nutri Centre Bookshop
7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF

More Info:
Tel. +44 (0)20 7323 2382

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