Summer reads 2013

Beach, mountain or garden reading. Adventurous personal journeys, imaginative historical fiction, and self-aware wisdom, all available in hard copy or to download to your e-reader.

Sheaffer-Ten Methods of the Heavenly Dragon-CoverTen Methods of the Heavenly Dragon by Robert Sheaffer

This book explores the author’s experiences on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. However, this journey is not without its challenges, and the author has to look to his very core to overcome the obstacles that block his way.

“In the ordinary world we don’t often go to the ends of the earth to seek the extraordinary. Fortunately for us, Robert Sheaffer did, and wrote this book so that we could all travel the journey with him. I was captivated from his very first words, and felt like I was right there with him every step.”

– Amazon reviewer

Wei_Valley-Spirit-A_978-1-84819-131-0_colourjpg-webThe Valley Spirit by Lindsey Wei

Lindsey Wei, a young American-Chinese woman, is drawn to the Wudang Mountains on a quest to understand her ancestral roots and discover the hidden knowledge of Daoist martial arts and spiritual wisdom.

“Very well written and insightful, a true glimpse of another world while at the same time facing issues common to young people everywhere, especially women, and the answers she finds. I highly recommend this book to everyone seeking answers or for those who thought they have found their way.”

– Amazon reviewer

Eaton_I-Send-a-Voice_978-1-84819-100-6_colourjpg-webI Send a Voice by Evelyn Eaton

A gripping account of Evelyn Eaton’s experiences participating in Native American Sweat Lodge healing rituals, and being eventually deemed worthy of carrying a healing Pipe herself.

A beautifully written, unique and deeply touching account of the author’s transformative spiritual journey into the sacred ways of Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, rituals, teachings and shamanism… A page turner, written by a remarkable woman describing a remarkable journey.”

 – Christa Mackinnon, author of Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice

Eaton_Go-Ask-the-Rive_978-1-84819-092-4_colourjpg-webGo Ask the River by Evelyn Eaton

The haunting story of the female Chinese poet Hung Tu, tracing her rise from Flower-in-the-Mist to Official Hostess at the court of the governors of the Silk City, against the backdrop of the scholars, poets, officials, and warring factions of ninth century China.

There are many good novels about the trials and courage of Chinese women in various historical periods, but Eaton’s book is outstanding, in that as well as a tense and dramatic narrative, it also provides a most insightful but easily readable insight into classical Chinese poetry, and a thoughtful approach to life’s hardships through a Taoist philosophy. Not to be missed!”


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