Travels with My Book – Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Practitioners and Families

Mike Andrews, author of Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder, has written an article for us on his experiences since his book was published, and how homeopathy is used in other cultures. 

Since the publication of my book in June 2014, I have received many invitations to lecture both at home and abroad. I had expected to lecture in the UK and to give presentations both locally and nationally, however, the publication of my book raised my profile internationally in unexpected ways.

In September 2015, I spoke at the Society of Homeopaths Annual Conference Exploring the Spectrum on ASD & Homeopathy, a worldwide perspective from homeopaths to homeopaths at Keele University. In February 2016 when I spoke to an Indian colleague who I had met on Facebook, he invited me to his home and to speak to a group of Keralan Homeopaths in South India.


As I have written in my book (p53), the largest research projects on the efficacy of homeopathy for children with a diagnosis of ASD have been published in Indian journals (Barvalia 2011). I was delighted to have the opportunity to share my overview of research with Indian homeopaths alongside a number of cases from my own clinic and to teach information on the approach and methodologies used by American and UK homeopaths.


Mike with Dr Muhammed Rafeeque at Cochin Spice Shop

I was warmly welcomed to Cochin having a tour of the local spice market with Dr Muhammed Rafeeque and a meal with his family the day before the lecture. The lecture was attended by about 25 local homeopaths on a Sunday afternoon and followed by a delicious buffet. I soon learnt the difference between the recognition of homeopathy in the India and the UK.  The population of Kerala is 34.8 million and there are 10,000 homeopaths in the State. Homeopathic and Ayuvedic medicine is provided free of charge by government employed homeopaths, alongside conventional medicine; there are also private sectors for both forms of medicine.


Presentation Lecture 2016, Cochin

The audience were very appreciative and at the end I was approached for many individual photographs with the famous ‘doctor’ from abroad. I was presented with a gift of an Elephant’s Caparison. I stayed a further week to explore the tea plantations, canals and beaches of Kerala.


Three days after my return I flew to Dublin to present a Continuing Professional Development workshop for the Irish Society of Homeopaths. This time nobody took my picture and the audience were more challenging with their questions; the difference between lecturing in different cultures!

Sadgamaya Adolescent Health Care Program

Having had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the cross cultural exchange I decided to return to India in February 2017. This time, I was invited to speak for three hours to sixty government homeopathic doctors. The Department of Homeopathy Government of Kerala has established the Sadgamaya Adolescent Health Care Program where adolescent students are given homeopathic treatment as well as psychological counselling by child psychologists and special education B.Ed teachers.


The lecture was a great success and I was presented with a history of homeopathy in the state of Kerala (Christian Missionaries brought Homeopathy to Kerala  in the


Presentation 2017 Lecture, Cochin

1880’s) and carving of a traditional Keralan racing canoe. I had the opportunity to visit a Special School for Adolescents in a suburb of Ernakulum. One of the doctors asked my advice about treatment of their son.


I received an invitation to present a paper at the conference on Homeopathy and Autism at the Rotana Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi, but declined as I needed to be at home, perhaps next year. In May, I gave a two part lecture for the Salisbury College of Homeopathy – the first half was for parents and the general public, the second half for students studying at the college.


Reading this post you might be surprised to know that Autism is not just a problem of the USA, UK and Europe; but also in India, the Arab Emirates and Malaysia. In my book I looked at figures from around the world – it seem that the USA has the highest incidence of Autism in the world, but numbers are rising worldwide (p30). You might also be surprised that homeopathy is a recognised part of the health care system in India, the Emirates and Malaysia.


Malaysia is my next international lecture. I have been invited as a keynote speaker and moderator for the 1st Malaysian International Integrative Healthcare Conference 28 and 29th of October 2017. The conference ‘Integrative and Homeopathic Management in Children with Special Needs’ will be held at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. The first and only university not only in Malaysia but in the whole of South East Asia to offer a fully recognised and accredited programme in Homeopathy by Ministry of Health (MoH) & Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).


I’ll write about my trip to Malaysia in my next blog, I hope to enjoy a trip to rainforest reserves whilst I am there.

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Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

This book presents the clinical experiences of homeopaths from around the world who treat children and adults with ASD. It explores the real clinical outcomes that are being achieved by homeopaths in practice, including reduced aggression, improved physical health and enhanced overall wellbeing.

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